Jesus Is My Portion (Lamentations 3:24)

Lead Pastor Gregory A. Isaacs, January 24, 2016
Part of the General Messages series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

This will be perhaps the most important message that Pastor Greg speaks this entire year. Many people know Jesus, but He is more or less just like a 'buddy' to them. This message is all about falling in love with Jesus & allowing Him to be your EVERYTHING. Everything that you will EVER need in this life is already in Jesus. We just need to grow closer to Him & fall in love with Him. It's not about getting more strength, peace, self-worth, happiness, & the like....NO, it's about getting more of JESUS because we find all of that in Him. When HE is our portion, we can lose everything in life, but we still have everything because we have Jesus.

Tags: *Must Listens (Highly Important), *Open Door's Yearly Missional Themes, Abundant Living, Bible-God's Word-Gospel, Christian Journey (the), Commitment, Healing, Jesus, Self-Esteem

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