Men’s Fraternity

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Calling All men,

Join the Men’s Frat as we present our version

of the Agora

on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.

in Greek culture the Agora was one of the most important parts of the ancient city of Athens.

People gathered there to buy & sell, but most importantly it was a place where people assembled to discuss all kinds of topics: business, politics, current events, the nature of the universe, & the divine.

The Agora was a vital area for a community

Agora means ‘gathering place’ or ‘assembly’

Socratese spent most of his time there, & the Apostle Paul spent some days there discussing, with the men of the city (Acts 17: 16-18)


This will be a very informal time of gathering & assembling

& honestly discussing given topics that deal with our lives as men: such as growing in God, being better husbands/fathers, our jobs, the economy, our government, family, our society, current events, & what God’s Word has to say

There is no limit to what topics we will discuss.

It will be open, honest, different & REAL……that’s it!!!!