Christian L.i.f.e.


SS pixHere are ODCC we want to approach Sunday School in a different way.  We  call the Sunday School hour “Christian L.I.F.E.” where we want to encourage spiritual growth in every family & every individual.  “Sunday School” will no longer be just an ‘open-ended’ class, but we will offer specific 6-10 week classes & electives to keep things fresh & exciting.  According to one website “Today Sunday School is still the largest ministry outside of Sunday morning worship.  Throughout the USA, about 66 million attend Sunday School in all churches.  If Sunday School is, as some have stated, like a sleeping giant, it’s time to wake up!. The Word of God is planted in our lives like a seed that will grow & produce fruit.

 We encourage every individual & family to participate in Christian L.I.F.E. because the Word of God at work in us leads us to a great LIFE:

L – Learning Together

As children, youth, and adults study the Bible during this incredible hour, they will learn to use Biblical principles as a moral compass to guide and protect them throughout everyday life and form a solid foundation upon which to build their lives on. It will help and aid in Bible knowledge as well as how to make applicable what God has said in His Word to their life, and we will be obeying the Word by “training up a child in the way that they should go”  (Prov. 22:6)

I – Including All Who Come

This hour will include people of all ages and will present the Bible at every person’s understanding.  We will offer Biblical teaching that speaks to everyone including children’s classes, a class specifically for youth/college, a Bible-study elective, as well as Biblical life-application in regards to practical living such as parenting, finances, marriage, and other topics.

F – Finding Others

We want to encourage relationship instead of religion & this hour will help people within the church to connect & build relationships with each other in a more intimate & close setting

E – Equipping for Minsitry

This hour will prepare & equip people for ministry and to live out their Christian walk in their everyday world.  It will equip everyone for a life of service in God’s kingdom and to each other.